What is impedance ? Customer response

The impedance (Impedance): pay attention to the difference in meaning and resistance, DC (DC) in the world, the object is called resistance to the current block effect, but in the alternating current (AC) in the field of the resistance will hinder the current, capacitance and inductance will hinder the current flow, the effect is called reactance And what we call the impedance is the sum of the resistance and reactance on the vector.
In the desktop or power amplifier, VCD, DVD TV and other headphone jack output of the machine, the general use of high impedance headphones is more appropriate. If the use of low resistance headphones, we must first put the volume down and then plug the headset, and then turn the volume up a bit, to prevent the headset overload will be burned out of the headphones or voice coil deformation dislocation
A broken sound, low impedance of the headset is generally easy to promote, so players such as portable, energy-saving machinery should choose a low impedance headset, but also pay attention to the high sensitivity, the sensitivity index of the walkman for the more important.

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2017/4/27 18:06:01