Development of magnetic materials

Magnetic materials have been from the aspects of morphology, structure of it have been developing rapidly, its comprehensive performance has been greatly improved, and different kinds of magnetic materials have the advantages of its applications. This is a very wide range of materials used, from ancient times to the present, have been used in our side, such as the ancient compass, and now the disk, use it more and more places. According to its different types of functions will be divided into different circumstances, if the use of this aspect from its division, can be divided into two types: permanent magnetic materials, soft magnetic materials.
The permanent magnetic material is a material which has very strong magnetic, it also called magnetic materials, with relevant statistics, the use of magnetic materials and production ratio is increasing year by year, can be said to be in this kind of materials most widely used as a material widely, watches, cars regardless of the size of the industry, the camera has a place to live in. No matter from the performance, density, strength and stability etc., it has an advantage of other materials can not reach, because of these advantages, its development is very rapid, in the aspect of scientific research also increased efforts to control the cost of high quality.
The soft magnetic material is his application category, but compared to permanent magnetic materials, it is far from such a wide range of applications, because it is easily affected by external forces, generating magnetic phenomenon, but he also has a lot of advantages, such as density, energy dissipation, permeability of it are have the advantage. It is often used in the direction of more sophisticated electronic equipment, as for other magnetic materials, it is still one of the more widely used materials.

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2017/4/27 18:02:28